From concept to commissioning we cover the entire water reticulation process

System Design 

Beginning with an on farm consultation we use the latest GPS and mapping technology to calculate heights and distances required to ensure your farm reticulation gets water to every paddock you desire. Whether it is gravity supply or pumping pressure our expertise and carefully calculated system guarantees your investment works from the word go! We will also supply a water map so you never loose track of pipes. 

Trenching & Installation

Not just pump installation, our team can assist with trough and tank placement to make sure all the water on farm sits level with practical future servicing in mind. Our trenching team is capable of trenching and backfilling up to 1km per day of pipework. Not only is the speed impressive, our machine does not require any fences to be cut and even better we have a very consistent depth thanks to the hydraulic chain trenching arm. 

Te Miro 2018
Matahuru Farm map 2021