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Residential & Commercial Water Filtration and Water Treatment

Cambridge Water Pump Services provide a large range of water filtration equipment to suit any application. We understand the importance of water quality.

Why choose Cambridge Water Pump Services?

We provide a large range of water filtration options to ensure your domestic, agricultural or commercial water supply is of the highest standard.

  • We conduct water tests and provide systems to meet NZ's Drinking water standards
  • Free Site consultations and free no obligation quotes.
  • We provide high quality workmanship and take pride in every installation we do.
  • We guarantee our work, providing proof of results after installation.

Water Filtration Options

We install and service the following Water Filtration Options:

  • Water softeners to remove hardness (hardness causes calcium build up on glassware and bench tops)
  • Uv Sterilization systems to kill bacteria such as e-coli and other pathogens (bacteria in water supplies can cause a large range of illness)
  • Sediment filters for rain collection
  • Iron and manganese removal systems(iron or manganese can leave staining on porcelain fixtures, cause discoloration in water supply, cause bad taste. Block pipes and fixtures. Manganese at elevated concentrations can cause illness)
  • PH neutralizing filters ( water supplies with low PH can be corrosive towards brass and copper fixtures, such as hot water cylinders)
  • Reverse osmosis systems ( reverse osmosis is a filtration process to remove minerals and other impurities from water including silica which is near impossible to clean off bench tops and glassware)
  • Nitrate removal systems ( High nitrates in water sources can cause illness, young children are particularly vulnerable.)

Domestic Water Filtration

For domestic water systems we can install and service filtration equipment to remove unwanted impurities of all descriptions.

Whether its UV sterilisation for killing bacteria from your roof water or removing iron and manganese from your bore supply, we guarantee our filtration equipment will not leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Commercial & Agricultural Water Filtration

When it comes to the agricultural industry, reliability and efficiency are two key components to a successful water supply.

  • For agricultural/farm water we have magnum water systems which can treat high contamination and high flow rates to remove iron or manganese.
  • For supply and service commercial size filtration equipment such as reverse osmosis, water softeners and de-chlorination systems for processing plants.
  • Our large water filtration systems can remove iron and manganese at high contamination levels and flow rates.

Water Filter Servicing

It is recommended that all filtration systems are serviced regularly to ensure future effectiveness.

Many of our commercial systems feature automated self cleaning, when combined with scheduled maintenance check ups we can ensure your water system is operating at top performance when you need it to.

Talk to us about a maintenance plan for your filtration system.
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Cambridge Water Pumps can custom design and install a water filtration or water treatment system to suit your needs.
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